Cost overview

Registration and evaluation of your medical history

The registration and the evaluation of your medical history using our medical questionnaire by one of our certified doctors is completely free of charge for you. If our certified doctors give the green light, nothing stands in the way of your cannabinod therapy with us. You will be charged from the moment you book an appointment.

Initial consultation and prescriptions

The costs for all medical services are calculated individually, depending on the effort, according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) specifically tailored to your treatment. Within 24 hours of submitting the medical questionnaire, you will receive a transparent overview of the costs incurred for your treatment via e-mail. To give you a rough idea, here are the typical costs involved:

  • First consultation (incl. first prescription): * : 190-210 €
  • Recipe: €24.20
  • optionally bookable conversation: approx. 30-50 €
* if medically justifiable

It is very important for you to know that we do not accept patients who cannot provide us with proof of a diagnosis. This is the only way we can provide telemedical advice. Of course, we also offer you the possibility of an appointment at our Cologne location, where we can also carry out a detailed diagnosis including a physical examination.

During your initial consultation, anamnesis and a visual symptom-related examination will be carried out. You will also receive extensive advice on the subject of medicinal cannabis. You are also welcome to ask open questions to your doctor.

You can book recipes easily and conveniently via your customer portal, which you created when you registered. We at canncura are of the opinion that you as a patient are a very important part of the therapy - so you also have the right to have a say in it. Choose your flavors & send off your order. Before each new prescription is issued, your attending doctor will look at your course of therapy and based on this decide whether your order is OK. This is how we want to ensure the success of your therapy and also protect you from possible side effects.

So that the costs of your cannabis therapy remain clear and plannable, we have decided not to implement any mandatory follow-up discussions. You can share the course of your therapy with us via the internal customer portal, so that there is continuous monitoring.
However, if you would like to have another conversation with one of our doctors, this is of course possible - book a conversation in your customer portal. Since it is difficult for us to estimate the effort for such a conversation, we can only give you a rough price range of 30-50 €.


As mentioned above, all medical services are calculated according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ). This regulates the remuneration for medical services outside of statutory health insurance. The currently valid GOÄ dates from 1982 and is therefore not adapted to todays, especially telemedical, treatment options.

A solution can be found in the so-called analogue services. A doctor can use this to bill for his own medical services that are not recorded in the GOÄ. So do not be surprised if you find similar services in our invoices.


Since the medical services are billed according to GOÄ, they are generally reimbursable by private health insurance companies. We advise you to simply pass on the costs for your cannabinoid therapy to your private health insurance company - unfortunately we cannot tell you whether and to what extent the costs will be covered.

For patients who are insured through statutory health insurance, there is an application for the cost of cannabinoid therapy with medical cannabis to be covered. This is a very tedious and often quite frustrating process. We at canncura also work with doctors who have health insurance approval, so we can help you with this project.

Just talk to us!